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Blake Verona is one of the lovers of Peyton Carson who she broke up with when she left to Columbia University.He is the ex-lover in the novel who seem to dislike that she's engaged to Ethan Reid.

Early LifeEdit

Blake is the oldest child in his broken family. His father cheated on his mother while she was pregnant with Blake's little sister, Bianca. After Blake's father, Mr Trotter left it was only just him with his sister and heart broken mother.

Blake was the source of getting money into the family by playing local baseball by the name Blake Trotter. He fails in all his classes except for art and he also grew to have an obnoxious attitude.

Ever since, Blake hated his father and cared very much for his mother and his younger sister.

Tutoring Mr PossessiveEdit

Tutoring Mr Possessive is the novel about Peyton and Blake's relationship. Blake first met Peyton during the night when she broke up with her boyfriend, Joshua. Blake started to grow an interest towards her and was lucky to recieved Peyton as his tutor. Blake had an obnoxious attitude towards Peyton and he knew that she hated it.

Peyton soon finds out the way he earns money from his parents after watching the baseball match in the stadium with her father. Her father later invites Blake to her house, allowing Blake to have a view of Peyton's abnormal family. However, before Blake went to Peyton's house, Peyton first met old members from Blake's gang, with them insulting each other before she storms off. 

During the time, his feelings for Peyton began to grow as he kisses her the night that she was attacked by his old gang member.Their relationship as friends started to become stronger and Peyton's feelings towards Blake starts to grow. 

When time go by, Peyton and Blake took their relationship to the next level to boyfriend and girlfriend. They seem to enjoy each others presence however shows that Peyton's father seems to disagree with Peyton's relationship with Blake. That's when her father decided to set Peyton up with his partner's son, Andrew Patterson. 

Peyton never met Andrew until she went to the wedding, seeing that it's Blake's enemy Jack. Peyton shows how much she despises Andrew as Andrew believed that this was the perfect way to hurt Blake. Andrew decided that by making Peyton falling in love with him, he would mentally and physically hurt Blake. However, Andrew's plan didn't seem to work as he started to fall for Peyton.

After Peyton told Blake about Andrew being Jack, Blake started to show his possessiveness as he disliked that Peyton talking to any male. There was constant fight between Peyton and Blake which lead to Blake announcing that his mother has cancer and his father wants custody over his little sister, Bianca. 

Peyton decides to help Blake to win the case for him to win custody over her and at the end, the only way Blake could win is by being married. So Peyton lied about Blake and Peyton is engaged and is soon to be married after university. But near the end of the novel, Blake's mother had a boyfriend who happened to be her doctor, therefore they won the case for getting custody over Bianca.

Peyton then recieves a scholarship to Columbia University for journalism. Peyton desperately wanted this position and had to go against her father's consent to go. However, if she wanted to go she had to let Blake go. She breaks up with Blake after his constant fight with Andrew to win Peyton's heart over and her also admitting that she loves Blake, while he never said those words back.

At the airport, Peyton sees Blake there and he announces his love for her and that he would be waiting for her to return. The novel ends with Peyton saying that she couldn't have done anything to chasing her dreams if it wasn't for Blake.