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Ethan Reid is one of Peyton Carson 's lover, he is her fiance in Addicted to Love.

Early LifeEdit

Ethan's is the only child in his family. Both of his parents are doctors making him have the dream to be a doctor ever since he was a little boy. Ethan always had trouble finding girlfriends as all the girls he dated wanted his fame and fortune, making it difficult for him to maintain a girlfriend.

Addicted to LoveEdit

He is the fiance of Peyton Carson. He always worry about Peyton's feelings and her wants before himself however he prefers not to show any public display of affection as he thinks it's inappropriate and embarrassing.

Ethan shows to come from a high class family with a well-mannered attitude. He shows everyone respect, not caring where they come from. Ethan wanted to meet Peyton's family for a long time however respects the fact Peyton does not have much contact with them ever since she moved to New York City. 

Ethan has never heard of Blake Verona before and shows a slight dislike towards him after finding out that he is Peyton's first lover and when he found out that she was still in love with him when they first went out. Ethan's relationship with Peyton seem to be a dream come true as they have many things in common and they seem to understand each other.

Peyton has mixed feelings for Ethan and Blake towards the end of the novel, making Ethan anxious and nervous.