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Peyton Carson is the protagonist of the novel Addicted to Love . She moved to New York City to study journalism in Columbia university without her father's consent and breaking up with her boyfriend, Blake Verona .

Early LifeEdit

Peyton is the second and last child in her family. Her father is the owner of CP Inc. along with his close friend Mr Patterson. Ever since Peyton was young, her father saw great leadership in her, believing that she would become a great owner for CP Inc. 

Peyton was lead to believe once she reached high school that her sister did not want the position of owning her father's company therefore, she was the heir to the company. Peyton achieved in all her classes with the top marks as well be extremely popular in school. Peyton started going out with the high school jock, Joshua when her parents set them two up.

Tutoring Mr PossessiveEdit

Peyton is the protagonist of the prequel 'Tutoring Mr Possessive'. The story is the relationship between Peyton and the school bad boy Blake Verona. She was told that she had to tutor Blake Verona as he was failing in all his classes. Throughout their time together, Blake and Peyton grew feelings for each other but it didn't help with the many complications they had throughout her senior year.

Peyton left Colorado without her father's consent (as he desperately wanted her to take over his company), broke up with her boyfriend Blake Verona and leaving the man who also loved her, however she did not have the same feelings for him. 

At the end of the novel, Blake finally announces to Peyton that he loves her while she was the airport, leaving to New York City to study at Columbia University just how she wanted.

Addicted to LoveEdit

Addicted to Love occurs seven years after Tutoring Mr Possessive finishes. It shows that Peyton moved on from Blake and found a new lover named Ethan Reid . Ethan Reid is a doctor that works at the hospital in New York and their relationship together seems to be a dream come true.

Ethan proposes to Peyton and she of course accepts. So she wanted to tell her parents about her engagement in person and not over the phone. When she goes to Colorado, she faces more complications of her sister's pregnancy and jealousy as well as meeting Blake Verona and noticing that he isn't over her just yet. 


Lochie - Lochie was Peyton's first boyfriend. Lochie moved to California before they entered high school, forcing the two to break up before anything else happened. Peyton did not know whether she loved him or not, however, she now sees him as a friend who she hardly keep in contact with.

Joshua - Joshua and Peyton started going out when their parents set them both up. She thought she was in love with Joshua and he was in love with her. In Peyton's senior year, she broke up with Joshua after he proposed to her in the restaurant and unintentionally forgotten her favourite color, her likes and dislikes, and the fact that she was allergic to shellfish. 

Blake Verona - Blake Verona and Peyton first started going out a month after Joshua and Peyton broke up. Peyton was to tutor Blake as he was failing in all classes except for Art. Throughout their time together, she learnt a few things about him and he started to grow a liking towards her. Blake and Peyton first hated each other and he kissed Peyton first after a heated argument. 

Peyton started viewing Blake differently after he saved her from his old gang members. Peyton's feelings for Blake started to change and view him in a completely different perspective. After a few more months, Peyton's feelings for Blake grew into love and she waited for Blake to tell her that he loved her first before she tells him. However, when Peyton got a scholarship letter from Columbia, she started to question her relationship with Blake, whether she had to stay for him or not. At the end, Peyton decided to move to New York City, with Blake telling Peyton his true feelings for her at the airport.

Ethan Reid - Ethan and Peyton knew each other ever since Peyton moved to New York City. Ethan had an interest towards Peyton and every time he asks her out, she denies until Peyton's friend Bay convinced her to accept his date. After they went out, Peyton seem to move on from Blake and grow feelings for Ethan. They both started living with each other after a two years of dating and on the fourth year, Ethan asked Peyton to marry him. 

Bay - Bay is Peyton's best friend in High School. She is a suporting friend who always thinks about what others think before herself. She managed to convince Peyton that she did not have to do everything wanted for their happiness and that her happiness mattered as well. Because of this, Peyton left everything in Colorado behind and moved to New York City.

Paige Carson - is the older sister of Peyton Carson. Paige always seems to envy Peyton since they were children however, when Paige were to get married, she seem to move pass through her jealousy and look at her sister lovingly. Paige is the one who decided to set Peyton up with Andrew Patterson, leading her father to agree with them. Peyton and Paige's relationship was always the same and Peyton doesn't know what to do to change it.

Andrew Patterson/Jack - The relationship between Andrew and Peyton began as enemies until later, they started to appreciate each others company and Andrew grew feelings for Peyton. However, Peyton did not have the same feelings, she though lead him to believe he still had a chance.